DYFI blockade disrupts train services in Sealdah sections

Train services in Eastern Railway's Sealdah main and south sections were disrupted from 11 am as workers of the CPI(M)'s youth wing DYFI blocked tracks at various stations over demands including filling up of vacancies in the Railways, officials said here.

Though the obstructions were lifted by 12.50 pm, it took some more time to normalise services as several trains had been kept waiting at different stations in both the sections owing to the agitation.

While two pairs of EMU locals were cancelled and 14 other trains were detained at various stations in the south section, eight trains were delayed in the main section, an ER spokesperson said.

In Sealdah south section, obstructions of train movement took place from 11 am to 12.50 pm at Dhakuria, Sonarpur, Ballygunge and Jadavpur stations.

In the main line section, obstructions occurred from 11.45 am to 12.10 pm at Kanchrapara, Pyaradanga, Dhubulia and Berhampore stations, the spokesperson said.

In the Circular Railway system of ER, obstruction was made at BBD Bag station from 11.45 am to 12.10 pm.

Besides demanding filling up of vacancies in the Railways, the Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) protested against alleged privatisation of railway operations and proposal to shut down some EMU local routes.

The Eastern Railway had earlier denied any plan to shut down services in existing routes.

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