Employment opportunities to be created in rural areas: U'khand CM

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat today said employment opportunities would be created in the villages of the state to bring development and stop migration from the hills.

The chief minister was speaking at the inauguration of the newly-built building of the Uttarakhand Migration Commission in Pauri.

Later, during the first meeting of the commission, he said nyay panchayats are being developed as growth centres, which will lead to reverse migration in the remote hill areas.

Rawat said the rationale behind the creation of the commission was to bring about development in the rural areas and stop migration from the hills.

He asked the commissionto conduct a study of villages which have been vacated due to migration andalso those where reverse migrationhas taken place.

The chief minister also asked the commission to encourage farming ofthings peculiar to a particular area such as mango gingerin the Kirtinagar area of the district and tomato in the Tons Valley to make agriculture an economically-viable option for the locals.

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