IMF looking into crypto currencies; US says won't allow

IMF chief Christine Lagarde today said the multilateral financial institution is looking into issues relating to crypto currencies to understand potential risks and benefits, even as the US made it clear it will not allow any illicit trade through this route.

Speaking here at a session on remaking of global finance at the World Economic Forum (WEF), US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said, "We will make sure crypto currencies are not used for illicit activities."

Asked whether IMF would heed the G20's call to look into crypto currencies, as suggested by French President Emmanuel Macron here yesterday, Lagarde said in the same session that the body is accountable to 189 countries and not just 20 though it works closely with the G20 nations.

"We have already started analysing the issues concerning crypto currencies including risks and potential benefits," she said.

Lagarde further said any dark trade that involves money laundering or anonymity is unacceptable.

She, however, addedthat she is hopeful of something good coming out of the entire exercise as innovative technologies always help if implemented and used properly and positively.

"Innovations are certainly going to help a lot on inclusion as we have seen world over," she said.

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