Kannada actor Upendra's nascent party heading for split

Fledgling Karnataka Prajnavanta Janata Paksha (KPJP), re-launched by Kannada filmstar Upendra, appeared headed for a split even before taking a few baby steps.

The party re-launched on October 31 on the eve of the foundation day of Karnataka was gearing up for the upcoming assembly elections when differences cropped up between party president Upendra and general secretary Mahesh Gowda.

Upendra wanted to float a party by name Uttama Praja Party (UPP) to take a plunge into politics but his ardent fan Gowda persuaded him to take over the KPJP he had launched it earlier. Upendra could not reject his plea.

Following the squabbling, Upendra said Gowda had started issuing certificates and appointing people as office-bearers without consulting him.

On the other hand, Gowda said Upendra was acting like a dictator and was not letting others in the decision making process.

Amid rumours of him walking out of the party, the actor said a meeting has been convened tomorrow to decide the future course of action.

"I don't know how to react to this development. I had never expected that this will happen to me. I trusted people. We wanted this to be a different kind of party but when I saw people appointed to various posts, I opposed it because the same practice would be adopted to issue tickets to candidates to contest elections," said Upendra.

A visibly upset actor told reporters that he wouldtake a decision in tomorrow's meeting.

Meanwhile, BJP MP Shobha Karandlaje said her party has grown like an ocean accepting everyone other than criminals and if Upendra wishes to join BJP, he was welcome.

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