Paddy transplantation from Jun 20 in Punjab

The Punjab government today announced that paddy transplantation will begin in the state from June 20 instead of June 15 last year.

A notification has been issued in this regard by the Agriculture Department in order to preserve water and check the fast depleting ground water table, an official spokesperson said.

Punjab was witnessing 2.5 feet depletion in ground water tableannually due to which this decision had been taken on the advise of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), Ludhiana and Punjab Pollution Control Board.

The spokesperson further said that as per the notification, now the sowing of paddy nursery would start from May 20, compared to May 15 last year.

He pointed out that this notification had been issued under provisions of Punjab Preservation of Sub-Soil Waters Act-2009. Earlier in 2014, the government had fixed June 15 as the date to start paddy transplantation in the state.

Meanwhile, Punjab Pollution Control Board Chairman K S Pannu termed this decision a positive and eco-friendly.

He further said 14 lakh tubewells across the state would be drawing nearly 24 lakh million litres of water in these five days of paddy transplantation, which would now be saved -- equivalent to the domestic consumption of two years of entire Punjab.

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