Private agents demand regularisation after being driven out of jobs at Burari Transport Authority

Driven out of jobs in a crackdown against touts at the Burari Transport Authority following Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's surprise visit, the private agents have demanded their regularisation.

The Transport Department banned the entry of touts and took several steps like installation of CCTV cameras to check their free access at the Burari Transport Authority where several irregularities were found by the chief minister during his surprise visit in July.

An organisation of the 'Burari Agents Association' has written to the Transport Department offering to pay an annual fee of Rs 2,000 for regularisation of agents.

A senior Transport Department official said the association pleaded that agents and their families were suffering as their livelihood was hit due to the department's action such as setting up of help desks for applicants to discourage touting at the authority.

The sprawling Burari Authority issues fitness certificates and license to commercial vehicles, including autorickshaws and taxis.

All-India Tanzeem-e-Insaaf, a non-governmental organisation, has petitioned to Lt Governor Anil Baijal, seeking help for the jobless touts.

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