Answers to The Strategist Quiz (#517)

1. This company was founded in the 1880s by a moneylender to the Nawab of Avadh and the Mughal court but changed hands. A person who joined it as a management trainee in the 60s escaped an attack on its factory by Naxalites in Calcutta. He loaded up a truck with all the important papers, smashed through a wall and drove non-stop till he reached his HQ in Delhi. Impressed by this the owner made him a partner in the business and he became his trusted lieutenant. In the 90s one of the heads of this business group and his sons ousted him from all boards and consigned him to the margins. Name him and the head of the business group.

Neelkanth Ratnakar Dongre and Lala Charat Ram of the DCM group. Rai Bahadur Ram Kishen Das Gurwale founded the Delhi Cloth Mills in 1889

2. What has the famous Andhra pickle Gongura got to do with a new version of an Ford vehicle launched in 2013 and BMW i3 launched in 2014?

The gongura plant is either known as kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus) or roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa). The pickle is made from its leaves. The fibre from the kenaf plant is used to make car interiors (door bolsters) for its Ford Escape and the interior black surrounds for the BMWi3

3. This South American company was founded in 2000 with one store. In seven years it became a complete online business. Today it is the first from its country to go public on the NYSE. It recently launched a book when translated into English means “No Boundaries”. Name it.

Netshoes, a Brazilian company that is listed on the NYSE as NETS

4. Connect the Netherlands cricket team and now the New Zealand cricket team with an Indian brand.

Amul. It was the prime sponsor for the New Zealand team for the Champions trophy held recently, and it sponsored the Netherlands during the 2011 Cricket World Cup

5. This term’s origins are linked to the way investment banks are listed on the “tombstone”, or public notification of a financial transaction. The bank responsible for control of allocation of securities to investors, known as the book running manager, is listed above the others and on the cover of the prospectus. The font size of the name of this bank, or banks if there are co-book running managers, is larger. Name it.

The Bulge bracket. It comprises the largest and most profitable multinational investment banks. The font size being larger than the others it may seem to bulge out. Examples: Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase

6. Connect the Alien: Covenant a 2017 American science fiction horror film directed by Ridley Scott & the Audi Car Company and what do you arrive at.

The Audi Lunar Quattro space rover made its debut in this film. It will soon make its trip to the moon in a Russian spacecraft in the near future. It’s the outcome of a JV between Audi and a motley group of researchers and scientists called PTSceintists in Berlin

7. Which is the first structure in India to get an image trade mark registered?  The Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Empire State Building in New York are some of them who have their structures / buildings trademarked.

The Taj Palace Hotel in Mumbai

8. Connect Kodaikanal, India, and Minamata city in Japan with the Roman patron god of financial gain, commerce, eloquence, messages and communication, travellers, boundaries, trickery and thieves. Also name an Indian and Japanese firm each that should form a part of the answer.

Mercury (element named after the Roman god) poisoning

9. The faculty at Stanford and Harvard coined this term in 2010 to describe a phenomenon that star performers were unable to cope with simple struggles and disappointments. Today most universities have courses on this topic and the start-up ecosystem is encouraging it too.

Failure deprived

10. Name this 102-year-old company which is a formidable player in this digital world.

Naspers, the South Africa-based world’s seventh largest Internet and entertainment group Compiled by Gaurav Sri Krishna, One lucky winner will receive a cheque for Rs 2,000. Send your entries to All entries must carry the postal address of the contestant. Last date for receiving entries: July 7 till 8 pm. 

Previous winners and employees of Business Standard and their families are not eligible to participate. The winner is chosen on the basis of the first correct entry received.

There were six correct entries to Quiz No 517. The winner is Mudit Kothari of Pune.

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