Answers to the Strategist quiz (#541)

1. Which company would you be working for if your boss held the title of Karma commando and you would join the team as a do gooder?

1. Zappos. It has unveiled a dedicated department focused on spreading happiness and celebrating the good in people, Zappos for Good

2. Connect the insurance company Lloyds with teeth-whitening product Aquafresh manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

2. GlaxoSmithKline hired America Ferrera, an American actress from the Ugly Betty show, to promote a tooth whitening product called Aquafresh. To protect its investment, GSK has insured the actress’ smile under a policy it purchased from Lloyd’s for $10 million

3. The Random Access Memory (RAM) replaced punched cards when IBM introduced its model 350 Disk Storage Unit in 1956. Who was its first customer?

 3. United Airlines was the first to use it to set up computerised reservation

4. Strategy and __ are the Himalayas of marketing and everything else is the Catskills. Fill in the blank and name who said this.

4. Timing. Al Ries and Jack Trout

5. A reduction in the price of this brand’s main product resulted in a fall in the share prices of consumer product companies like Coca-Cola and Heinz. Its own stock fell by 26 per cent. One magazine termed it “the day the __ Man fell off his horse”. Identify the brand.

 5. Marlboro

6. Connect the Star Wars character Poe Dameron’s X-wing and Kylo Ren’s TIE silencer with a brand and what do you arrive at?

6. Nissan’s “The Last Jedi”-inspired car models being launched soon

7. While he was the technical advisor to UN in India, he conceived the mechanism to strip away unwanted tape recording noise. He patented this invention on his return to London. Identify him and the technology he invented.

7. Ray Dolby, the inventor of the Dolby noise reduction system

8. When this global brand started operations, it had a rule that only men could work in its outlets. It was forced to hire women in the mid-1960s when the US military draft made it hard to find male employees. Name this company which tops in diversity now.

8. McDonald’s

9. According to __, it takes just over 2.55 million cups of coffee to create enough biofuel to run one London bus for a year with the hybrid coffee oil. Name the company.

9. Bio-bean, a UK start-up, is powering a handful of London buses with biofuel created by blending diesel with oil extracted from coffee waste. And in a sign of the times, Royal Dutch Shell is working with Bio-bean and promoting the initiative via its #makethefuture platform

10. With which brand is this breed of dogs associated with?

10. The Old English sheepdog is the brand mascot for Dulux paint, first introduced in Australian ad campaigns in the 1960s. Since then they have been a constant and highly popular feature of Dulux TV and print ads in Australia, South Africa and the UK, where people term the breed as Dulux dogs.

There was one correct entry to Quiz No 541. The winner is Shikha Sharma of Muzaffarnagar.

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