Answers to The Strategist Quiz (#550)

1. Connect Moritz Daniel Oppenheim, a German who is often regarded as the first Jewish painter of the modern era, an oil painting of his which depicts the story told by Plutarch of Skilurus on his deathbed, and a famous corporate logo.

Daniel Oppenheim was the painter for the Rothschild’s family and the family took inspiration from his painting for the five arrows logo it still uses. Scilurus asked his five sons to break a bundle of darts. When they all failed, he showed them how easily the arrows could be broken individually, cautioning that their strength as a family lay in their unity

2. Who said this: “I hate the beauty business, it’s a monster industry selling unattainable dreams? It lies. It cheats. It exploits women”?

Anita Roddick, founder of Body Shop

3. As part of its GoWiththeFlaw campaign, this brand has introduced its own one-of-a-kind knock-off label and fake collection. This is being offered in the US for a limited period only. Name the brand and its fake label.

Diesel has launched its fake label, Deisel, with the same colour & font

4. Name the commodity whose highest grade has five zeros (00000). It comes in 4 main varieties—Mexican, Hamburg, Continental and Alba.

Cinnamon. The size of the inner bark of the tree which becomes a quill is measured for its diameter and number per kilogram

5. Which business group has got its own employees to act in an advertisement to promote itself with a video titled “Wherewework”?

Godrej has come up with a new digital video to celebrate its new global headquarters, Godrej One

6.What is Free or organic traffic and for what are these terms used?

A digital marketing term to describe traffic generated to one’s website by a search engine. This could be traffic from Google, Yahoo or Bing

7. Name this company that continues to change owners despite its R&D being credited as the first unit to have possessed the recipe for making eggless cakes in India. It also manufactured a cola in the late 70s when Coke was asked to leave India then.

Modern Foods, the PSU that was bought by HUL in 2000 and sold in 2015 to an Everstone-controlled firm

8. Every year the Super Bowl Day is a botanical milestone as well when the country consumes 65 million of this prehistoric fruit whose name is a derivative of the word for testicle in the Aztec language. Name it.

“Avocado”, its name comes from the Aztec word “ahuacatl”, a derivative of the word for testicle, based on how the fruit grows droopy and in pairs. It is used to make guacamole

9. What is the term used to describe an executive who flits from meeting to meeting but seldom acts on the items discussed in them?

Meeting moth

10. Whose logo is this?

Endemol was merged into Endemol Shine Group (a JV between 21st Century Fox and Apollo Global Management) and based in the Netherlands in 2015. Endemol created and ran reality, talent and game show franchises worldwide

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