Answers to The Strategist Quiz (#552)

1 Which organisation that is making strides in its business currently, started in the 1960s, on beach just outside a South Indian city and used a church that traces its roots back to the 16th century when St Francis Xavier visited India as its first office?

Indian space research organisation (Isro). In the1960s, when India's aerospace programme was just taking off, a beach just outside Thiruvananthapuram served as the lab for several experiments in aeronautics. Scientists, including 
Dr APJ Abdul Kalam converted an out-of-use Mary Magdalene church near the beach into their office

2 Name the brand that made history recently when it became the first to sell on Snapchat.

Nike. It became the first brand, other than Snap, that has ever sold a product via Snapchat, with a special pre-release of its Air Jordan III Tinker shoe that sold out 
within 23 minutes with same 

3 This program was created in the US by a former __ president 34 years ago when he was looking for a way to motivate his son to read. Each time the boy met a reading goal, he received a trip to a pizza joint with his dad. The motivation worked and the son began reading more and spent quality time with his father to boot. Today it is a formal CSR program run by his company. Name the program and the company.

The Bookit programme was launched by Pizza Hut to encourage reading in US schools. It has been running since 1984

4 This invention in the 1830s by French pharmacists François Mothers and Joseph Dublanc has helped an Indian company become the world’s second largest in the manufacture of the item they invented. Name the invention and the company.

They came up with the first empty gelatin capsules in the history of medicines in 1835. Associated Capsules Group is the world’s second-largest manufacturer of capsules

5 The commodity was cultivated during the 14th Century BC. Evidence has been found at Neolithic sites in India. From India it travelled to East Africa and West Africa and from there to North America courtesy Christopher Columbus and the slave trade. It was a feed for a particular kind of bird in Barbados. India is the world’s largest producer. Name it.

Pigeon pea or tur dal. India has seen a lot of import scams too despite being the world's largest producer. In Barbados, it was used to feed pigeons and hence the name pigeon pea. The Europeans discovered it in Africa and also named it Congo pea

6 With which industry would you connect the terms Butterfly, Snow and Mushroom flake?

Popcorn industry

7 What is the buzzword used to describe any neighbourhood or community where a disproportionate number of residents work in high-tech industries? They tend to have a disproportionate number of electrical outlets and phone jacks.


8 Connect the brands Vodafone (Germany), Nokia, Audi and what do you arrive at?

All three are collaborating with space scientists to establish the first mobile phone network on the moon

9 Who uses the line, “Anticipate tomorrow. Deliver Today”?


10 The Medici Bank. It became defunct in 1499

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