Answers to The Strategist Quiz (#557)

1) It is the world’s largest budget hotel chain, with hotels/motels in the United States, Canada and China. Being a trusted roadside companion, it recently launched its first concept car inspired by its guest room redesign. Name the hotel chain and the vehicle.

Super 8 Hotels Worldwide, a subsidiary of Wyndham worldwide, launched the ROADM8. A one-of-a-kind, road trip-ready machine with custom amenities like a built-in coffee maker, mini fridge and more

2)  This metal needs artificial isolation since it is rarely found in nature. It was discovered in the 1830s and given one of the names of Goddess Freyja from Norse mythology. Freyja (the Lady) is a goddess linked with love, sex, beauty, fertility, gold, war and death. The supply of this metal, touted as the next hot battery metal, comes only from three nations. Name it.

Vanadium. Chlorides of vanadium were generated in 1830 by Nils Gabriel Sefström who thereby proved that a new element was involved, which he named after the Scandinavian goddess of beauty and fertility, Vanadís (Freyja). It is produced by China, Russia and South Africa

3) The label on the packaging of this product refers to an iconic piece of Japanese art, by the 18th-century artist Katsushika Hokusai. The product has an infusion of Japanese spices and lime. A Japanese company and a global giant have come together under their “Japan & Joy __” platform. Name the product and both the companies.

J Cola being made by PepsiCo and Suntory Holdings for the Japanese market under the Japan & Joy cola platform. The packaging bears the Great Wave off Kanagawa, painted by Kastsushika Hokusai

4) Name the Harvard Business School professors who proposed in 2010 an “institutional voids” theory where the size and resources of multi-industry companies they felt could make up for the lack of high quality institutions in emerging markets. In other words, conglomerates.

Professors Tarun Khanna and Krishna Palepu

5) This company, one of the largest in its line of business, has a patent for “eggplant technology”. It originally developed this to keep airplane cabins from overheating under the glare of the sun. Name it and how it is now helping makers of driverless cars.

PPG (Pittsburg Plate Glass) Industries is the largest producer of vehicle coatings. It is engineering a paint that allows near infrared light emitted by a laser to pass through a dark car’s exterior and rebound off a reflective undercoat making it visible to sensors. 

6) Which brand owner has said he will not sponsor or advertise during IPL 2018 because cricket is a “foreigner’s game”?

Baba Ramdev, founder of Patanjali

7) The __ Day is celebrated in the US on the first Friday of June, succeeding the event created by The Salvation Army in Chicago in 1938 to honour those who served __ to soldiers during World War I. What is it?

The Donut (Doughnut) Day

8) Name the brand that is connected with Borussia Monchengladbach, one of the oldest German football clubs playing in Bundesliga, Chennaiyin FC and has a partnership with Manchester United

Apollo Tyres

9) Which brand’s employer campaign uses the phrase: “QuitinStyle”?


10) What does this logo represent? It is a first of its kind and unique

It represents the North American Marijuana Index, which tracks the leading stocks operating in the legal cannabis industry in the US and Canada

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