Answers to the Strategist quiz #574

1. Who said this “I have just seen the drawings and descriptions of an electrical machine lately patented by  Mr Tesla and sold to Westinghouse Company, which will revolutionise the whole electric business of the world. It is the most valuable patent since the telephone”?

Mark Twain, who was Tesla's close friend

2. This 226 year old organisation based in the US has for the first time appointed a woman as its president. Name the person and the organisation.

Stacey Cunningham has been appointed as the president of the NYSE

3. About 102 million tons approx. of this agricultural commodity is slated to be produced this year. The fruits are de-husked and the seeds are generally traded. Now the husk which was either trashed or used as cheap fertiliser is attracting a premium of more than 400 per cent. It is known by a Spanish word for a fruit peel, bark or outer layer of a fruit. Name it.

Cascara: It is the husk of the coffee fruit. Starbucks has recently launched drinks in the US laced with Cascara syrup

4. This person worked out of a spare room in a beauty parlour located in a famous boroughs of New York City in the late 1930s. The key ingredient  for him to demonstrate his invention were moss spores. He approached the tech giants of that time GE, Kodak etc. who did not show interest in his invention. Name him and his invention which set up one of the largest global corporations subsequently.

Chester Carlson the inventor of Xerox

5. This Nordic brand is named after the Mother of Water who is mentioned in one of the epics. The goddess is revered by sailors and fishermen for bringing good fortune. In India this brand sources its heavy mineral water from Bhutan, since it is the world’s first carbon neutral country and its quality is topmost. Name it.

Veen, the Finnish brand that is known as the Michelin starred water across the world

6. For producing a small bike tailored for the Indian market Harley-Davidson has tied up with Hero Motors & Triumph with Bajaj. Who is BMW Motorrad’s partner in India?

TVS Motors

7. In 2011 editions of quiz show Jeopardy! two former champions of the US TV show Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter won $21,600 and $24,000 respectively. There was a third participant who won that day and the earnings were $77,147. Who was the winner?

IBMs Watson

8. What are “The Next Applied” and the “New Applied Now”?

Slogans of Mphasis and Accenture respectively

9. Who sells an OTC product branded “Oh Boy”?

An herbal men's virility product sold by Organic India

10. This currency carries the coat of arms of a princely state that existed after the 1730s till the British took over. Inspired by the rulers of this region, a perfume has been created and is named after them. Name it.

This currency carries the coat of arms of the Nawabs of Awadh spelt as Oudh in English. Nawab of Oudh is a luxury perfume brand sold by the British company Ormand Jane.The two figures holding the pennants are intended to be fish, seen also on the UP Government logo even today

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There were 10 correct entries to Quiz no 574. The winner is Binod Bihari Parida from Bhubaneshwar