Answers to the Strategist quiz 576

1 Fuggers was a German banking family that replaced the de' Medici family, who influenced all of Europe during the Renaissance. They procured 30,000 quintals of ____from India as part of the dowry for the marriage of Dona Isabella of Portugal with Charles V of Spain. What was it?


1. Pepper from the Malabar Coast

2 Back in the 1970s, America executed convicted murderer Gary Gilmore. Gilmore's last words before the firing squad took aim were __." The event, the first of its kind in nearly a decade, inspired Norman Mailer's The Executioner's Song and, in turn, gave birth to which brand's baseline which is 25 years old.


2. Nike's Just Do it was based on Gary Gilmore's last words "Let's Do It"


3 Connect Bank of Baroda, Gatorade, Myntra, Ojasvita, Panasonic batteries and the first Indian female athlete to make it to the Forbes list of top Global earners. What do you arrive at?


3. P V Sindhu. She is ranked No. seven on the Forbes list.


4 This Israel-based company has used many cheeky marketing strategies for its brand and one of them is using actor Thor Bjornsson aka "The Mountain" in Game of Thrones in its campaigns. It is now owned by an MNC which is looking for a new lease of life by acquiring them.


4. In-home beverage maker SodaStream has been acquired for $3.2 billion by Pepsi to enhance its other billion-dollar brands


5 Two Americans were stranded on the Champs-Elysees in Paris on a very snowy night in 2008 trying to hail a cab to reach the Airport. They had less than an hour to make it for their flight and despite finding a single cab stuck in the snow jammed traffic, they missed their flight. What resulted post this event?.


5. One of the Americans was Travis Kalanick who set up Uber


6 In 2008, the Government of Kenya approved the creation of Konza Technology City as a flagship Kenya Vision 2030 project. As part of this vision, Konza will be a sustainable, world class technology hub and major economic driver for Kenya. What is the sobriquet given to this tech city and for its general influence on Kenya?


6.             The Silicon Savannah


7 Connect the product segment that is supposed to have a market size of $81 billion and the experiments of a Scientist which inspired Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and what do you arrive at?


7.             Lead Acid Batteries. The first battery was invented by Italian Scientist Alessandro Volta in 1799 in an effort to prove that his colleague Galvani had been wrong about Frog power. Passing current through the nervous system of dead frogs.


8 It is a Slang term for a stock with low market capitalisation. An ankle bite is also referred to as micro-cap or small-cap stocks


8.             It is a Slang term for a stock with low market capitalisation. An ankle bite is also referred to as micro-cap or small-cap stocks


9 What is the term used when a marketing strategy creates enough buzz to convince consumers to pre purchase a new product not to get a discount but to be among the first to own it?

9. Early birding

10 Whose logo is this? 


 10. Britannia Industries Limited

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