The Strategist Quiz 554

1. This person began manufacturing her clothing line in 1933 from her suite in a New York Hotel. Her work space only included a sewing machine and a mannequin. Initially debuting at R.H. Macy & Co. in New York, her apparels went on to be sold at 30 department stores nationwide. Her fashion line was said to be the first celebrity endorsed brand. Name her.


2. Connect Bank of India, Sahara Group and Viceroy Lord Curzon and what do you arrive at?


3. The republicans in the state of Georgia want to take away a tax break for Delta Airlines in retaliation for what?


4. It is an ancient salad recipe in Myanmar that promises marital bliss. Here the __ leaves are boiled for months for fermentation. The resuscitated leaves are chopped and mixed with oil, garlic, fried shrimps, fruits and dried coconut and served to the newlyweds. In pre-colonial and colonial times, it was served after the civil court judge made a verdict; if the arbitrators ate __ it signified formal acceptance of the verdict. What is the main ingredient in this salad and what is it called?


5. Which country has launched a cyber-unit to rebut critics of the government on social media and is called Force 47?


6. K Vakil, a chemical engineer, who studied at the Manchester University, set up a company to raise from the ocean its wealth of marine minerals in the 1930s. He set up a facility on the western coast of India but like many pioneers ran into trouble. The then Maharaja of Baroda Sayaji Rao intervened and helped him out. By what name is the company known?


7. What is the term used to describe the period between busy and quiet seasons in which prices are typically at a midpoint in the travel industry?


8. What is common to Ferrero’s Tic-Tac and Pocky the famous Japanese chocolate stick snack?


9. The baseline of this company is “The Lauda way to fly”. Name the company and its owner.


10. Name the brand from its logo.

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