The Strategist Quiz (# 571)

1) It is historically established that this institution was first invented in ancient Iraq, as early as the 2nd millennium B.C. by the sacred prostitutes of Babylonian temples. Name it.

2) This invention was accidental, the employee of this US company was trying to develop and alternative to CFCs used in refrigerators. Later, atomic bomb scientists used it for containing corrosive gases and it was used in the nose cones of missiles. An employee in France used this material to coat his fishing gear and on his wife’s request used the same material in their kitchen and created a global market for such products which now stands at $6-8 billion approx. Name it.

3) This company was first registered in Lahore during the 1930s and started operations by taking over the distribution of Italian-made radio lamps. Subsequently after Independence it manufactured India’s first indigenous astronomical telescope that was installed at the famous JantarMantar observatory in Delhi. By what name is this company known now.

4) Which famous consumer brand used these lines way back in the late 1940s to communicate to its customers that it innovates to keep its customers satisfied— “Progress through constantly trying to please”?

5) The late Shah of Iran asked a leading car manufacturer to build a new 4 wheel drive for his troops and also made an investment in the company to help build it. Even today this over engineered SUV is very popular. Name it.

6) This brand first had Shahrukh Khan and Twinkle Khanna and now it has Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan, for its “Live there” campaign, as influencers. Name it.

7) What is the term used to describe a review of a project or proposal done by a person who is completely unfamiliar with the subject matter?

8) Like the first bearded model who donned the role of the Zodiac man in its advertisements in the 60s, who similarly was called the “white collar man”? Dhanji Rani was in fact the creative director at Ulka Kolkata then?

9) Whose first ad campaign in India is titled “Make Everyday Brighter”?

10) Whose logo is this? Describe the character too.

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There were eight correct entries to Quiz no 570. The winner is Priyanka Arun from Punjab