The Strategist Quiz (# 572)

1) It can be found in the earliest surviving poetry, composed by Homer in the 8th Century BC. In the Iliad he describes some of the tech wonders produced by Hepahaistos god of metallurgy and craftsmanship. Name the concept that relates very well to what is happening in the tech world today.


2) As a CEO he made this company one of the most powerful ones in the world. The Dean of Princeton called him a poor student, a cut up and a predetermined failure. He barely graduated from Brown University and was known as a playboy with a penchant for girls, fast cars and was seen at the New York and Hollywood clubs in the 1930s. He took a job in his father’s company and used to complete his yearly sales quota on the first day itself and spend rest of the year partying. Name him.

3) Who is the first in India to use biodiesel produced from used cooking oil to power its trucks?


4) Who has recently launched a “Disruption Consulting” practice in India for brands?


5) What is the term used to describe imperfect information about finding out where jobs are and where workers are for the appropriate jobs.


6) This person is known as the billionaire's banker. His firm purchased a very famous landmark building in Chicago that drew inspiration from the shape of the Giralda tower of Seville's Cathedral combined with French Renaissance details. Name the person and the building he owns. Warrant Buffet is known to have said that he is the only banker he trusts.


7) Mckinsey worked with this Fortune top 5 customer in the early 1980s and tried to repeat their then recent success with AT&T. They recommended restructuring this company by Product type and not brand. By moving people around it destroyed institutional knowledge and informal networks within the company and sowed the seeds that led to its bankruptcy in 2009.  Name the company.

8) Which brand used these lines in its ads “American by Birth, Rebel by Choice”?


9) Which company recently has introduced a new tagline “Built on Trust” while celebrating its platinum Jubilee year?


10) Identify the images and establish the unique distinction they both have.

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