The Strategist Quiz (# 577)

1 Connect American colonist of Mexican Texas and a military leader and hero of the Texas Revolution Benjamin Milam with Willis Carrier and what landmark achievement do you arrive at?

2 Kellogg's has recently launched a limited edition product in collaboration with the world’s first online fashion platform to promote design-thinking, co-creation and profit sharing with the creative and consumer community. Name it.

3 The Wind Wakers is a symphony orchestra made up of employees of a 130-year-old company. They give live performances based on melodies written by the company's composers. Name the company.

4 What is the term generally used in public relations to describe a situation when a company or an organisation refuses to make a public comment on a controversial issue it is connected with? They say the company has gone ____.

5 This VC firm founded in 1999 was first named after a character in Greek mythology called Peleus. Subsequently, it changed its name. Peleus was a hero whose myth was already known to the hearers of Homer in the late eighth century BC. He was the son of Aeacus, king of the island of Aegina and Endeïs, the oread of Mount Pelion in Thessaly. Name the firm.

6 This person studied at the University of Milan and at the University Atlanta in the US. He was a pilot for the Italian air force during WW-II and was close to Benito Mussolini's eldest daughter. He was also a member of the Italian Winter Olympics team in the '30s. Name the brand he founded.

7 This woman was drowned in a ship that was torpedoed by a German U-Boat in mid-1910 while travelling to India. Today, an AI Valet embedded in a world famous luxury product is named after her. In fact, she is a part of each and every product rolled out by this brand since she modelled for the sculptor who created this brand’s marquee.

8 The three German carmakers — Audi, BMW and Daimler — got together in 2015 to buy a company which they jointly own. Name it.

9 This Indian brand bears the name of the title of Mario Puzo's bestselling book. It is manufactured by a company that was set up during the 1960s. Name the brand and the product category it belongs to.
10 Establish a connect between the two logos and arrive at a brand’s inspiration.

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There were six correct entries to Quiz no 576. The winner is Anirudh V Krishna from Chennai