Ind vs Eng 5th Test Day 3 highlights: England 114/2 at Stumps, lead by 154

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England reached 114 for two in their second innings at stumps on the third day of the fifth Test against India at the Kia Oval in London. At the close of play, England lead by 154 runs with eight wickets remaining. Earlier in the match, England skipper Joe Root won the toss and elected to bat first in the Alastair Cook farewell test meanwhile Virat Kohli make another record of losing all the 5 tosses of a Test Series. In the first innings, England were reduced to 198/7 on Day 1 thanks to some superb bowling by India’s Ishant Sharma and Jasprit Bumarh. However, the next day i.e. Day 2, the birthday boy Jos Buttler put an aggressive 98-run partnership with Stuart Broad to bring England back into the game. While India's susceptibility to quality swing bowling once again came to the fore as they struggled to reach 174 for six after England's tail wagged considerably to give the hosts an upper hand on the second day of the fifth and final cricket Test.


India vs England 5th Test Day 3 score

 Team India Test record in last 15 years under various captains

A statistical lowdown will show that India under Sourav Ganguly's leadership drawn Test series in England (2002) and Australia (2003-04) apart from winning a Test in West Indies (a team that had Brian Lara, Carl Hooper, Shivanarine Chanderpaul) and a series in Pakistan. Under Rahul Dravid, India won twin series in West Indies (2006) and England (2007) apart from winning a Test in South Africa. Under Anil Kumble, India won a Test match on a bouncy Perth for the first time while under Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the Indian team won a series in New Zealand and also for the only time drew a series in South Africa. 

11:14 PM IST India vs England 5th Test Day 3 highlights

11:04 PM IST Bumrah starts with a jaffa of delivery beating Cook outside off. Darts the second ball onto the pads, Cook takes a single in leg side. Root cut the 4th ball for no run. Bumrah tries to bowl like Bob Willis run up, left alone by Root. The LAST ball of the DAY is dabbed in the point region for a single. England 114/2 at Stumps, extends the lead to 154 runs


India vs England 5th Test Day 3 highlights

Bumrah starts with a jaffa of delivery beating Cook outside off. Darts the second ball onto the pads, Cook takes a single in leg side. Root cut the 4th ball for no run. Bumrah tries to bowl like Bob Willis run up, left alone by Root. The LAST ball of the DAY is dabbed in the point region for a single. England 114/2 at Stumps, extends the lead to 154 runs
Jadeja bowls with strict line and length to Root. MAIDEN OVER. England 112/2 in 42 overs, lead by 152 runs
Bumrah continues from the other end, Cook dabs the 2nd ball for a single. Last ball went for FOUR byes. England 112/2 in 41 overs
Ravindra Jadeja replaces Mohammed Shami, concedes only 1 run. England 106/2 in 40 Overs
Bumrah continues from the other end, Root defending confidently. The ball has been changed for the second time. Root glanced the 4th ball for FOUR. England 105/2 in 39 overs
Shami continues from the other end, get the outside edge of Root, the fall flew for four followed by a masterclass straight drive. Root tries to drive the ball but the ball hit upper half of the bat, takes a single off the next ball. England 101 for 2 in 38 overs
Bumrah continues from the other end, Cook takes a couple of runs off the 3rd ball followed by a single. England 92/2
Over 36: Mohammed Shami [8.0-3-20-1] is back into the attack, England 88/2
Over 35: 85/2
Over 34: England 84/2
Over 33: England 83/2
Over 32: England 78/2
Jasprit Bumrah [5.0-4-5-0] is back into the attack, concedes 3 runs. England 75/2 in 31 Overs
Over 30: Root hits Jadeja for two boundaries. England 72/2
Over 29: Maiden Over, England 64/2
Over 29: Maiden Over, England 64/2
Ball has failed to pass the ring test and it will finally be changed.

Ravindra Jadeja bowls after the drinks break and castled Moeen Ali of a turning delivery. Jadeja to Moeen Ali, out Bowled!! Jadeja strikes! Luck has changed drastically after that change of ball. This was a beauty from Jadeja. It pitches well outside off, it hits a footmark and turns in massively. Moeen Ali went for a drive, there was a gap between the bat and pad and it breaches that and disturbs the timber. England 64/2 in 28 overs
Drinks Break
Over 27: England 59/1
Over 26: England 57/1
Over 25: England 55/1, Rahul drops Moeen Ali at 14 runs
Over 24: England 51/1
Over 23: England 49/1
Ravindra Jadeja concedes only 1 run. England 49/1 in 22 Overs
Shami continues and concedes 10 runs. England 48/1 in 21 overs
Ravindra Jadeja replaces Jasprit Bumrah, Moeen Ali takes a single off the first ball. Cook facing trouble to play Jadeja but he is putting LBW out of the book by coming outside the line of the stumps. Moeen dance down the ground and squirls the ball over the mid-wicket fielder for four. England 38/1 in 20 Overs

Shami continues, after 3 jaffa of deliveries, bowls on short, Cook punched it into the covers for a couple of runs. Shami finishes the over with a jaffa. England 34/1 in 19 Overs
Shami and Bumrah bowling brilliantly. MAIDEN overs on the trot.
Bumrah replaces Jadeja, bowling around the wicket to Moeen Ali. A nagging off-stump line. MAIDEN. England 32/1 in 16 Overs
Mohammed Shami continues from the other end and bowling superbly. MAIDEN.

Jadeja continues, Moeen Ali sweeps the 2nd ball for FOUR. Virat Kohli puts a sweeper in the leg side after Moeen's sweep. Jadeja too corrected his line and bowls some jaffa of delivery. England 32/1 in 14 Overs
Mohammed Shami continues and castled Jennings as he doesn't offered a shot. Shami kept pegging away, kept pegging away, beat the outside edge a million times and finally gets a wicket when the batsman offers no shot. What a wonderful game!! Moeen Ali joins Cook in the middle. Ali defends the first ball for no run, dabs the next ball for a quick single. Engalnd 28/1 in 13 Overs, lead by 67 runs

Ravindra Jadeja continues, bowling a brilliantly, a loud appeal off the last ball, after a long time.. Kohli reviews. Where's top-edge impact? Fair delivery, looks like there's no bat on that, Ultraedge confirms it. Impact is outside off and India have blown away both reviews. Shocking captaincy from Kohli, not sure what he thought about both reviews. England 27/0 in 12 Overs
Shami continues and Pant concedes 4 byes. England 27/0 in 11 Overs
Jadeja continues after tea, and a loud shout of LBW against Jennings, umpire says NO. Kohli reviews where's the point of impact? It's a fair delivery, think the impact is outside off, might be another poor call from India. Hawk-Eye agrees with me and India have lost a review. That's poor from India, this was tossed up outside off and spun back in, Jennings went a long way across on the sweep and missed. It was smashing into the stumps, but the impact was iffy. England 23/0 in 10 Overs

Shami continues, keeps bowling the nagging outswingers to left handers and he is fails to get an edge as it was in first innings. England 20/0 in 9 Overs. England lead by 60 runs.
Ravindra Jadeja replaces Ishant Sharma, concedes only 2 runs. England 18-0 in 8 Overs
Mohammed Shami replaces Jasprit Bumrah, starts from where he left, outside off, Cook failed to make connection, followed by over pitch delivery and Cook drives the ball for a couple of runs. The next ball on to the pads helped away for four. Shami nips the 4th ball, a loud appeal for LBW, Umpire says no. England 16/0 in 7 Overs
Over 6: England 10/0
Over 5: England 5/0
Ishant Sharma continues and bowls a MAIDEN over. England 1/0 in 4 Overs
Jasprit Bumrah continues, Jennings leaving the ball outside off-stump and defends the one that comes in. Second MAIDEN over by Bumrah. England 1/0 in 3 Overs
Ishant Sharma to share the new ball with Bumrah. Ishant starts his over with a lound appeal, Umpires says NO. Jennings takes a single off the last ball. England 1/0 in 2 Overs
Alastair Cook and Keaton Jennings come to the crease and Bumrah continues, bowls a brilliant maiden over. England 0/0 in 1 over

Ravindra Jadeja remained not out of 86, a brilliant come back by the southpaw. Now, Alastair Cook, England's highest run-getter, will come to bat for one last time in the international cricket. 

Moeen Ali continues from the other end and ravindra Jadeja dabs the first ball to long-on for no run, defends the next two balls. Now the boundary riders are coming in. Another defensive shot. Bumrah RUN OUT while trying to take a single. India 292-all out in 95 overs. England lead by 40-runs
MAIDEN Over: Stuart Broad replaces Adil Rashid, as India's tail is wagging. Bumrah plays the first 2 balls safely and defends the 3rd ball for no run. The 4th wrapped on the pad goes in air, aloud appeal. Umpire says NO. Brilliant batting by Bumrah, evades 5th ball and the 6th ball as well. India 292/9 in 94 Overs
MAIDEN: Moeen Ali comes into the attack and Jadeja is no mood to give Bumrah strike. Ravindra Jadeja tries to take single off the last two balls but fails to do so, India 292/9 in 93 Overs
Adil Rashid replaces Stuart Broad, Jadeja dabs the first 4 balls straight down the ground for no run and takes a single off the 5th ball. Can Bumrah survives one ball? Yes, he does and a clap from the spectators. India 292/9 after 92 overs, trail by 40-runs

James Anderson continues from the other end, over the wicket this time. Jadeja doing "Jos Buttler" for India as he collects 9 runs in the over including a single off the last ball to keep the strike. India 291/9 after 91 Overs, trail by 41-runs. 
Stuart Broad continues with the red new cherry from the other end and Jadeja missed the first ball by an inch. Jadeja pulled the 4th ball for FOUR followed by a full delivery Jadeja tries to smash it out of the park but failed to get a connection. Jadeja takes a single off the last ball to keep India's resistance going. India 282/9 after 90 Overs. India trail by 50 runs
James Anderson continues and Jadeja walloped the 4th ball straight down the bowlers head for a SIX, magnificient shot. Jadeja takes a single off the last ball to keep the strike. India 275/9 after 89 Overs
THE NEW BALL IS TAKEN. Stuart Broad replaces Adil Rashid, Bumarh trying to do everything so that he cant get an edge and Broad bowling bouncers followed by a full delivery. But Bumrah resist as he seen through the over. India 268/9 after 88 overs. India trail by 64 runs
James Anderson replaces Moeen Ali, Jadeja not giving strike to Bumrah, trying to take as much strike as he can. Jadeja drives the over-pitch delivery for a couole of runs. For the last 2 balls, the boundary riders are come in to save singles. Jadeja powerfully glanced the 4th ball in leg side for 2 runs. Jadeja plays the last ball late, beat the slip fielder for FOUR. India 268/9 after 87 overs
Adil Rashid to Mohammed Shami, takes single off the 2nd ball. Jadeja smashed the short delivery for FOUR and takes a single off the next ball. A very irresponsible shot from Shami costs his wicket. A flighted delivery, above the batsmen eyeline, Shami tried to smash it out of the ground but only fins Stuart Broad at the long-on boundary. India 560/9 after 86 Overs
Moeen Ali bowling around the wicket and Jadeja depends on his defensive skills as he denies to a single, smashed the next ball straight to Buttler at short extra cover. Jadeja superbly placed the last ball for FOUR to complete his FIFTY. India 254/8 after 85 Overs

Adil Rashid continues and concedes only 1 run and India reach 250-run mark. 
Moeen Ali continues and takes the wicket of Ishant Sharma. Almost the way Vihari was dismissed. It seems England ploy for not taking new ball works. The ball starightened after pitching, got the outside edge of Ishant's bat and Bairstow takes the catch Ishant c Bairstow b Moeen Ali 4(25). India trail by 83-runs
Rashid concedes only 2 runs. India 246/7 after 82 overs. 
Moeen bowls the second over after Lunch break, concedes 3 runs. India 244/7 after 81 Overs
Oval Test: Second session
Adil Rashid continues after Lunch abd concedes only 1 run. India 241/7 after 80 Overs
In Pics: Oval Test, Session 1 highlights

Moeen Ali continues, jadeja defends the first ball, followed by a single. Ishant Sharma has 4 balls to play before LUNCH. And he evaded the 4 balls and takes a single off the last ball. India 240/7 at LUNCH
Adil Rashid replaces Sam Curran, who bowled only 1 over today. Rashid concedes only 1 run. India 238/7 after 78 overs
Moeen Ali continues and Hanuma Vihari gets an outside edge, out Caught by Bairstow!! Hanuma Vihari has been given OUT caught behind. Vihari takes the review, It's a fair delivery, the bat has hit the pad, but has it taken the outside edge as well, replay doesn't showed clearly that it bat or not. This looks dicey, 'there's no gap between bat and pad, could have been simultaneous', says Bruce Oxenford on air. 'I have no proof to ask you to change your decision, stay with your decision', he adds. So it's OUT. Vihari walks off to a good ovation from the crowd, it was a battling knock from the debutant, but it has come to an end now. 

Ishant Sharma comes to the crease. India 237/7 after 77 overs

Sam Curran comes into the attack and Jadeja takes a single off the first ball followed by another single by the Vihari. Jadeja get an outside edge for a single. A short ball to end the overs. India 234/6 after the end of 76 overs. India now trail by 98-runs
Ben Stokes continuing, Jadeja takes a single off the 3rd ball. Vihari tried to play an upper cut off the last ball off the over and failed to get a connection. India 231/6 after 75 overs
Moeen Ali continues, Vihari is not troubled by Ali as he plays forward defence shot while sweeped the 4th ball for a single. A better way to score runs against Moeen as none of the Indian batsmen tried to sweep in Southampton. Here comes another sweep shot and this time it will fetch FOUR runs for Vihari. India 230/6 after 74 overs
Ben Stokes continuing from around wicket, short and wide, Jadeja smashed the ball in the point region for FOUR. Ben Stokes corrected his line and length after freebie and ends the over without conceding any run off the last 5 balsl. India 224/6 after 73 Overs
Moeen Ali replaces Adil Rashid, bowls with good line and length. A maiden over. India 220/6 after 72 Overs
Ben Stokes continues from the other end. Vihari takes a single off the 2nd ball to completes his maiden fifty. An appeal for caught behind against Jadeja, umpire says no. Joe Root calls for a review.  It's a fair delivery, looks very close, need UltraEdge and it says there's clear daylight between bat and pad, NOT OUT will remain and England will lose their first review as well. Excellent decision from umpire Dharmasena, he's had a couple of good Tests. This one was pitched up just outside off and shaped away slightly, Jadeja was pressing forward in defence and missed by a long way. Not sure where they heard the sound, but England went for the review. India 220/6 after 71 overs
Adil Rashid contiues, a full toss to start with. Vihari edged the 5th ball for a couple of runs. India 219/6 after 70 overs
Ben Stokes continues and Jadeja takes a double off the first ball to bring 50-run partneship for 6th wicket. Shape of the ball is changed again. Fourth umpire is in the middle. Ball is changed for the second time in this innings. A brilliant cover drive from Hanuma Vihari, leaning into the drive and ball raced away for FOUR.
India still trail by 116 runs. India 216/6 after 69 Overs 

Adil Rashid continues, Vihari glanced the last ball off the over for a couple of runs. India 210/6 after 68 overs
Ben Stokes brought into the attack, bowls maiden over. 
Over 66: India 207/6
James Anderson continuing from the other end and conceded only 1 run. India 205/6 after 65 Overs
MAIDEN: Adil Rashid comes as first change bowler. India 204/6 after 64 overs
James Anderson continues, Jadeja with angled bat, played late and helped the ball between the gully and slip which went for FOUR and brings India's 200. Jadeja edged the next ball for FOUR in third man region. Runs are flowing for India after a lull of first 30 minutes of today's play. India 204/6 after the end of 63 Overs
Stuart Broad continues and overpitched delivery, Vihari plays a brilliant cover drive for FOUR followed by a single. jadeja takes a single off the next ball. Vihari edged the 4th ball but it bounced between the second and first slip and went for FOUR. 10 runs coming from the over. India 196/6 after 62 overs
Maiden: James Anderson continues and Jadeja concentration on leaving the bowl outside off. Jadeja tried to play a cover drive off the last ball but failed, an ohhh from the crowd to end the over. India 186/6 after 61 overs

India 186/6 after 60 Overs
Maiden: Anderson bowling outswingers to Vihari. Vihari using light grip edged the 3rd ball which went to third slip on a bounce. Good length going down leg. Vihari showing his defence skills as Anderson darting the ball in and out. India 185/6 after 59 overs
Over 58: Stuart Broad to Hanuman Vihari, no run, good length on off stump. Vihari takes a single off the 2nd ball. Jadeja left the ball outside off stump. India 185/6 after 58 Overs
India 184/6 after 57 overs
Picture at the start of third days play

Four: Stuart Broad bowls on to the pads, Jadeja glanced it with strong bottom hand and ball raced away for four to the square leg boundary. Ind 183/6 after 56 Overs
Jadeja edged the 5th ball for no run
Ravindra Jadeja is tested outside off, missing the outside by an inch
Stuart Broad to Hanuma Vihari, one run, short length going down leg.
Maiden: Anderson bowls outside off, Jadeja keep on leaving the deliveries. Ind 178/6 after 55 Overs
Stuart Broad bowled with nagging line and length outside off stump and Jadeja was in two minds whether to play or leave. India 178/6 after 54 Overs
James Anderson bowling the second over of the day
England pacer Anderson fined for showing dissent at umpire's decision

England pacer James Anderson has been fined 15 per cent of his match fee for showing dissent at an umpire's decision during the second day of the ongoing fifth Test against India. In addition to the fine, one demerit point has been added to the disciplinary record of the fast bowler, for whom it was the first offence since the introduction of the revised Code in September 2016, the ICC said in a statement. Read full article here

Ravindra jadeja dabbed the 3rd ball for a couple of runs
Vihari glanced the second ball of the day in the leg side for a single
Vihari punched the first ball staright to mid on for no run. 
Hanuma Vihari takes gaurd as third play starts. Stuart Broad to bowl first over.
Rahul takes record number of catches

K L Rahul has taken 13 catches in the current series, emulating an Indian series record against any country, held by Rahul Dravid (13 in four Tests vs Australia in 2004-05). His tally is the most by a fielder in a Test series in England, going past 12 each by England's Wally Hammond, Jack Ikin, Ian Bottam, and Australia's Allan Border.
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We couldn't execute our plans to tailenders, says Indian pacer Jasprit Bumrah
An extra bowler would have allowed the rest of the attack more time to recuperate, feels Indian pacer Jasprit Bumrah, who conceded they failed to execute their plans against England's tailenders on the second day of the final Test. India had opted to drop allrounder Hardik Pandya and play debutante Hanuma Vihari, who bowled only one over on the opening day. Asked if India missed a fifth bowler, Bumrah said: "I don't know about team selection. That's a question for the management.” 

India captain Virat Kohli questions the "utility" of pre-series tour games if the touring side is not provided with ideal conditions and opposition before a Test series starts.

India have lost back-to-back Test series in South Africa and England with many former greats, including legendary Sunil Gavaskar questioning as to why the team did not play adequate number of warm-up games.

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