CareOnGo: Now, no need to step out for medicines

A fortnight ago, I was down with fever, cough and cold heavily and wasn’t in a situation to step outside to go to a chemist or a doctor. So, I called up one of my friend for his help as he stays nearby, but unfortunately he wasn't in the home at that time. However, he suggested me for CareOnGo, a health application.

I downloaded the app from Google Play and found out I don’t have to go to a chemist using it. I got the medicines at my doorsteps using CareOnGo.

This app allows its users to order medicines online from a mobile chain of branded pharmaceutical stores. One of the most fascinating thing and the biggest USP of this app is that it uses a conversational bot to connect with their users and facilitate them to order and find medicines in their locality. 

However, to order the medicines, users have to upload a picture of the prescription on the app.

The app claims that it only serves the users by providing medicines but it also brings transparency in the health care sector as it has an app for pharmacies that help them to find an authentic medicines from retailers to ensure that there is no flow of fake medicines in the market. Also, it claims to be India’s first mobile chain of co-branded medical stores. As the firm helps pharmacies procure, manage and sell through technology.

Currently, this app is operational in Delhi-National Capital Region, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Kolkata. It was founded in August last year by Aditya Kandoi, Ritu Singh and Yogesh Agarwal, alumni of IIT and IIM.