Milagrow iMap 10.0 review: A tiny robot that keeps your home spick and span

Milagrow iMap 10.0

The coronavirus pandemic has changed my – just like everyone else’s – perception of cleanliness and hygiene. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown in March this year, I have been scrubbing and wiping not just my home but also gadgets, clothes, and everything else that I use or come in contact with. However, after the initial zest for cleaning waned, I realized I could do with some help in everyday home cleaning. It was around this time that I learnt about the iMap 10.0 vacuum-cum-mopping machine built by Milagraow, a home-grown robot maker.

The iMap 10.0 is a disc-shaped robot that looks futuristic and intriguing. Though a technology-rich machine, it is easy to use and manage. The robot not only vacuum cleans but also wet-mops the floors. It’s only a part of everyday domestic chores, the cleaning and mopping of floors is one task that consumes a lot of time and effort. With these two handled by the robot, I was at peace that I would finally have the time for other jobs which I had been putting off for a tomorrow that would never come.

Speaking of the iMap 10.0, the robot is a delight to use. It is not a machine for deep or extensive cleaning, which you might like to do yourself once a week. For a good everyday cleaning to keep the home floors free from dirt, dust and particles, the iMap 10.0 has you covered. It is a smart robot that you can operate through voice command, too. Moreover, it supports automation and requires minimal human intervention.

The Milagrow iMap 10.0 features Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) sensor for surface mapping, which allows it to create a virtual map of your home. This sensor helps it to function efficiently without getting affected by the obstructions like tables, shelves, flower vases, etc. The robot roams around the home vacuum cleaning and mopping the floors, one area at a time. Interestingly, when its battery needs a charging in the middle of a cleaning job, the robot automatically moves back to the charging dock, and after charge it resumes the duty from where it had left.

The Milagrow iMap 10.0’s utility is complemented by its smartphone app TuyaSmart, which makes it easy to operate the robot. Through the app, you can automate its operations, check stats, and change settings. The app also allows you to control the robot manually. Moreover, the app has value-added features like ‘Pin n Go’ and ‘Zone’ that let you manually set the cleaning area, in case you want it to clean a particular area and not the entire home.

The robot does its job fairly efficiently. However, it has some fundamental flaws. Its wet-mopping function works well only if the mop is wet. So, you need to manually check and wet the cloth before each mopping. In addition, there is no sensor to detect surfaces and the robot runs wet mop operation even on areas where it should not – like carpets.

The robot does vacuum cleaning and mopping simultaneously and the only way to let it do just the vacuum cleaning is by removing the modular mopping kit from the machine. Surprisingly, the otherwise easy-to-use app has no option to run the vacuum and mopping operations independently of each other. These issues may be minor but affect the robot’s utility by adding an unnecessary layer where human intervention is required.


Priced at Rs 89,990, the Milagrow iMap 10.0 is a technology-rich vacuum cleaner with a wet-mopping function that works efficiently to clean your home floors. It is, however, not the solution to automate home cleaning; it does require some human intervention. Consider this one if you need a less intrusive robot for everyday floor-cleaning jobs. Important to note that the robot is no alternative to full-fledged vacuum cleaners and mopping machines. It is meant only for light operations. That said, it works like a charm to remove dust, dirt and other particles from your floors.

For more versatile vacuum cleaning, there are machines like the Dyson V11 Absolute Pro (review) which are cheaper and work better for both everyday and deep-cleaning operations.


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