Poll: 18:9, notch or all-screen; which mobile phone screen do you prefer?

After changing the way we used to interact with our music library, photo albums, video clips by bringing innovation to smartphones, engineers working behind the scenes are now gearing up to revolutionise the experience by improving the most important feature of phones – the screen.

In what started as a trend last year, the 18:9 aspect ratio display set the benchmark for future smartphones. However, with the launch of iPhone X with notch-based screen, the industry’s focus shifted from tall displays to tall, notch-based displays. The new screen format soon became a common feature in smartphone space and most of the recently announced phone had the new format screen.

Interestingly, the recent announcements from Chinese smartphone manufacturers Vivo and Oppo showed that the change has just begun, and there is more news coming. Given the fact that more is not always merrier, we look forward to see which screen format is best suited for smartphones based on users’ preference. Let us know by taking the poll below:

which mobile phone screen do you prefer
Traditional 16:9
Next-generation 18:9
Modern notch-based