Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro review: Best wireless earbuds for music and calls

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

From enhancing acoustics to building on value-added features, Samsung has come a long way to add finesse to its true wireless stereo earbuds. Fresh in the line-up, the Galaxy Buds Pro takes a huge leap forward in terms of design, audio quality, voice call performance, and on-battery time. It is, however, the value-added features which give the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro an edge over other wireless earbuds in its own segment, and others too. The earbuds boast intelligent active noise cancelling, auto-switch between supported devices and 360 audio, among other notable value-added features. The earbuds are touted to be as good for call as they are for music-listening experience. But how are they in practical use? Let’s find out.

Galaxy Buds Pro: Design

If you have used any of the Samsung’s previous wireless earbuds – the Galaxy Buds (review) and Galaxy Buds Plus (review), using the Galaxy Buds Pro feels like homecoming. However, what’s even better is that the Galaxy Buds Pro, despite sharing design similarities with its predecessors, looks fresh and modern, thanks to an enhanced form with round aesthetics. The earbuds have grown in size but the growth is proportionate. Therefore, the earbuds neither look bulky nor out of shape. Instead, the new design language looks premium and modern.

The Galaxy Buds Pro has a two-piece body with outer part donning a glossy profile, and the inner side of the earbuds a matte finish. Aesthetics aside, Samsung has also paid attention to functionality while designing the Galaxy Buds Pro. Being a pair of in-ear earbuds, the Galaxy Buds Pro offers a secure and snug fit. Importantly, it is comfortable to wear even for extended hours. This is important because Galaxy Buds Pro is a pair of one-of-its-kind earbuds that lets you go out doing everything as you normally would without taking off the earbuds (read more on this in the ‘Features and Performance’ section).

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro - Colour variants

The earbuds’ charging-and-storage case has also grown in size. It looks similar to the case that comes with the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live (review) but in matte finish. It is a square-shaped case with rounded edges for ease of use. Despite sporting a bigger form, the case is still modestly sized, easy to carry around even in otherwise hard-to-fit areas like jeans pockets, pouches and sling bags. The case has two LEDs, one outside on the front for the case battery and charging status and the other inside the case for the buds’ charging status. On the back, there is a USB-C port for wired charging. Speaking of charging, the Galaxy Buds Pro supports wireless charging through supported wireless chargers and select Samsung smartphones (through the power-share feature).

Overall, both the earbuds and charging case have a minimal yet functional design. As a package, the Galaxy Buds Pro looks modern, bold and ergonomically designed.

Galaxy Buds Pro: Features and performance

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro brings with it tons of new improvements over peers and predecessors for a better user experience. There is active noise cancelling for times when you want to isolate yourself from ambient noise, and ambient sound mode to stay connected with what is happening around you while using the earbuds. Interestingly, Samsung has thrown in a lot of additional features here. The ANC intensity is adjustable by up to two levels. At the low level, the intensity is mild. This is a great addition, especially for those who feel uncomfortable using ANC, which can be overpowering sometimes. There is a high level for those who like to experience the best of ANC performance. It is excessive but comes as a saviour in loud environments. Like the ANC, the ambient sound is adjustable, too. The volume is adjustable among four levels – low, medium, high, and extra high. By default, the earbuds are set to medium ambient sound volume and work fine in most cases.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro - Features

Complementing the ANC and ambient sound mode is the voice detect feature, which automatically tones down the audio volume and switches the noise control to the ambient sound mode as soon as it detects that you are speaking. Once you stop speaking, the audio volume returns to pre-set levels in about 10 seconds and the noise control shifts back to either ANC or ANC off, depending on the last set configuration. This feature makes the Galaxy Buds Pro one-of-its-kind earbuds that let you go out doing everything as you normally would without taking off the earbuds. Though good, the voice detect feature needs some polishing as it works even in situations when it should not. For example, the voice detect feature tones down the volume and enables ambient sound mode even when you clear your throat, laugh or hum.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro - Features

Besides features related to ANC and ambient sound, there also are other features that improve the user experience. The value-added features require the supplementary Samsung Galaxy Wearable app, which is available for both iOS and Android smartphones. The app is easy to use and lets you manage the earbuds and its value-added features with ease. Through the app, you can customise the earbuds’ touch controls too. Though basic, most earbuds lack the customisation options. The Galaxy Buds Pro has a clear advantage over most competitors in this.

Galaxy Buds Pro: Audio and call performance

The Galaxy Buds Pro stands true to the company’s claim that it is as good for calls as it is for listening to music. The earbuds’ audio performance is top-notch, especially if you use them with supported Samsung smartphones like the Galaxy S20 Plus, Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy S21 Ultra, etc. The audio output is refined and the earbuds sound good, irrespective of what music genre you prefer. As for calls, the Galaxy Buds Pro works equally well. It recognises voice clearly even in noisy environments, including environments with harsh wind conditions. It would not be wrong to say the Galaxy Buds Pro is the best true wireless stereo product good for music, calls and everything in between.

Rounding off the exceptional performance, there is an impressive on-battery time of more than six hours, and an extra 12-hour battery in the case. Charging time is also quick and you get an hour of battery on a quick 10-minute charge. Like its predecessor, the Galaxy Buds Pro supports wireless charging, which is not quick but comes as a saviour when you cannot find a power port, especially if you have a smartphone that supports reverse wireless charging.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Review: Verdict

At Rs 15,990, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is the best in the current bunch of true wireless earbuds. The earbuds have an ergonomic fit, detailed sound, top-notch noise reduction, excellent microphones, and good on-battery time. Besides, they are IPX7-rated for water resistance. The Galaxy Buds Pro is good for all-day usage and at no time does it feel like a burden. Though touted to be good for calls and music, the earbuds’ utility goes beyond these.

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