Samsung SUHD 55KS9000: Great all-rounder

There was lava all around and it seemed the end of the world was near. Yet, at the very last moment, the captain expertly manoeuvred his ship to escape into the realm of the unknown - space. It was one heck of a voyage, and by the end of it, I was drenched in sweat. The air-conditioner was off!

Coming back to reality, I was watching an ultra-high definition version of Star Trek: Into the Darkness in my living room on the Samsung SUHD 55KS9000 (Rs 2.99 lakh) and I had managed to switch off the AC in my engrossed state. Surveying the stars in pitch black, I was startled when the camera suddenly panned to a shot within the spaceship - it was all so clear and brilliant, yet didn't hurt the eye.

The TV from Samsung's latest line is a stunner. Sporting a curved screen, it is practically devoid of a bezel; the smooth lines continue on the back - possibly the most aesthetic I've seen on a TV till date.

A few nights later, I was watching the Euro 2016 finals between France and Portugal. Minutes into the match, I watched Ronaldo in tears as he was carried out (and the moth consoling him) in vivid detail. As the match dragged on, I could watch minutely the frustration on the players' faces and the despair writ large on the supporters. In extra time, I could see the joy on the faces of the Portugal supporters and the tears of the French as they conceded defeat. And yes, I didn't miss the sideline antics of "assistant coach" Ronaldo. An added bonus that now it was much easier to access "Sports" mode on the TV.

On my day off, I connected my PS3 to the TV and played NFS Most Wanted and Assassin's Creed Rogue. It was quite an experience, but best of all, there was no lag in "Games" mode! And I've become a fan of the new user interface - there's just a single band of functions, beginning with source and settings, and as you select, you get more options, and in the case of apps, previews etc. I particularly liked the previews for Netflix and YouTube, which show your recommendations and what's trending. The only people this TV would disappoint are 3D fans, since there's no support for that format.

The Samsung SUHD 55KS9000 makes for a great multimedia experience if you're no fan of 3D.