Toreto Thump TOR-319 review: Portable wireless sound bar speaker in budget

Toreto, a home-grown audio accessory brand, offers an affordable range of wireless products such as speakers and earphones. The Toreto Thump sound bar speaker is a latest addition to the portfolio. The speaker features wireless connectivity in a portable form factor, along with host of other connectivity options such as AUX-in, USB and TF card. The speaker also features in-build frequency module (FM) chip with no visible antenna that makes it a complete package.

The Toreto Thump features a no frill design with a steel mesh on the front, covering dual stereo speakers of 10 watt each and a volume-cum-power knob. The top side features mode, next, previous and play/pause keys. Connectivity ports, along with microUSB charging port sits at the lower back. Overall, the design is sleek and compact. Therefore, the sound bar also doubles up as a portable speaker.

In terms of audio output, for an entry level sound bar, the Toreto Thump impresses with the audio quality. It is loud, clear and has a touch of surround sound that makes it a suitable accessory to play music or watch a movie. However, the sound bar lacks remote control. Therefore, it needs to be operated manually that might not impress party enthusiasts and lazy souls.

The speaker is powered by a 2,000 mAh battery, which keeps the show running for more than 4 hours. Like other wireless speakers, the Tor-319 works even when charging. However, at low battery levels, the audio output goes on a toss and the overall volume levels drop to just average.

The Toreto Thump is priced at Rs 3,499. However, it retails at lower price on e-commerce platforms such as Flipkart and Amazon. At this price, the sound bar speaker offers a portable form factor and wide range of connectivity option. However, the lack of remote controller limits its overall utility as a wireless speaker.