Yoky: Because, it's human to forget!

After an exhausting day, I reached home and tried searching for the house keys. But the whole process ended in a panic attack with a thousand anxious thoughts like, "Oh god, I have lost these again! Do I need to call someone to break the lock?"

My struggle ended when I saw the key lying there, staring at me from a corner of my bag.

So, I started wondering how this was becoming a frequent occurrence. Wouldn't it be nice if I had something at my disposal to prevent such hassles?

Gida's Yoky tag might just be the answer to my troubles. Yoky is a wireless tag which can be attached to a bunch of keys, wallet or anything which needs to be tracked. Once you download the Yoky app, the tag would be connected to the phone over Bluetooth. You can then tap the search icon, and the tag starts buzzing. The process did not take long.

With a maximum range of 150 feet, the tag requires Bluetooth 4.0. It works with iOS 8+ or Android 4.3+. The best part about using Yoky is that it uses only one per cent of the battery in 24 hours.

It scored some more brownie points when I got to know of its built-in battery which lasts for a year.

The tag is water resistant, so rain should not be a concern. Also, it comes with a pedometer to satiate the fitness freak in you. It can be ordered from www.yoky.io and would soon be available on Flipkart.

Priced at Rs 999, Gida's product is very handy for people who face trouble in managing their keys, wallet and other such day-to-day items.